The Users

As of 2011, 92% of internet users use search engines, 59% daily. All of the major search engines and most of the minor ones use some version of personalized search. That means the almost 92% of internet users are effected by the search engine filter bubble. They are searching in a bubble that for the most part only shows them things they want to see, things they have clicked on in the past.

As of 2011, 65% of internet users use social networks. Sixty-five percent of people log onto their Facebooks and Twitters and see posts from people they agree with and pages that they have liked. When the internet was new, people dreamed that it would be a place where people would be exposed to all kinds of different views different from their own. They thought it would be a public forum where everyone would have a say. Instead, because of the filter bubble, it is simply another place to reaffirm our beliefs rather than to challenge them.

Photo credit: Nemo